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Lead with Process Safety

industrial safety

Minimize impacts on life, property, and the environment

Our team will work closely with your stakeholders to develop and deploy a fully integrated process safety that encompasses multi-independent protection layers.

Process Fire Safety

Wood fiber requires a comprehensive approach to sparks/fire detection, suppression, explosion protection, and notification

  • We offer extensive integrated design expertise to ensure your equipment and process fire protection systems work reliably and take automated action when required

Hazardous Locations

Achieve full compliance with expertise

  • Environments where combustible dust is present require area classification as part of any fire safety system design.
  • Cogent can help you navigate standards – whether in North America or Europe – enabling you to select the correct classifications, specifying requirements, and locating equipment to achieve full compliance within your plant environments.

Fire Alarm Systems

Mitigate risk before the alarm sounds

  • A properly integrated fire system provides full situational awareness at your fingertips during an event.
  • Proper designs must also accommodate local standards and address the correct monitoring, notification, and safe exiting in a timely manner.
  • Cogent can help you do all that and more, assuring that your fire alarm system addresses all applicable standards and personnel safety.

Electrical Safety

Protect your business from the risk of power

  • Cogent helps assure that your industrial electrical systems are designed and installed to safeguard employees from electrical shocks, mitigate fire risks, and minimize risk to personnel.
  • Cogent also provides engineering services to design your electrical system to minimize and manage arc flash risks.

Equipment Safety

Design for safety – from the operator down to the device

  • Cogent helps you meet heightened demands for safe operations.
  • Cogent designs process safety into every project.
  • Cogent integrates safety into every equipment process to decrease the incidence of safety issues, industrial accidents, and safety device failures.

Asset Protection

Cogent’s industrial safety design services help you protect high-risk areas such as thermal oil and hydraulic rooms from catastrophic events

  • Environments where combustible dust is present require area classification as part of any fire safety system design
  • Deployment of fire protection solution solutions such as foam systems and effective compartmentalization of building and various monitoring systems

Safety System Design

Meet industry standards with ease

  • Cogent’s expertise in safety system design helps you meet complex functional safety requirements.
  • Our team will work closely with your stakeholders to ensure compliance to safety standards such as ISO 13849 and IEC 61508.

Emergency Shutdown Systems

Cogent’s emergency shutdown systems are designed to reduce the potential risks to equipment and personnel

  • We develop and deploy automated shutdown systems that take over in the event of a critical process upset condition that is beyond operator control
  • Ensure process safety, electrical safety, and fire protection

Cogent considers an integrated strategy in regards to Industrial Safety

How quickly can we recover and get back to production
Emergency evacuation and notifying fire brigade
Containment and keeping away from critical assets (e.g. Fire walls & explosion hatches).
Deployment of automatic fire protection systems such as sprinklers, deluge, and foam systems.
Reducing the probability of a fire (by taking away one of three elements I.e. oxygen, fuel, or ignition source).

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