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Optimize Your Electrical Power Systems

electrical power systems

For performance, reliability, and maintainability

You can’t afford to operate with an electrical power system that is anything less than safe, dependable, and efficient. Cogent has the expertise in plant-wide electrical systems design, power monitoring, and efficiency management solutions to achieve your goals.

Compliance is Cogent’s Specialty.

In addition to meeting your specific standards and operational requirements, Cogent’s engineering team will ensure that your plant’s power system complies with international, national, and local regulations.

Power System Design

Modern electrical power systems need to be safe, reliable, and efficient. Rely on Cogent’s vast experience and expertise that covers plant-wide power distribution:

  • Plant-wide power distribution
  • Medium- and low-voltage motor control centers
  • Emergency generators
  • Control and UPS distribution systems
  • Complete installation drawings

Emergency Power Systems

Ensuring that critical loads have the reliability and uptime required to meet production and safety requirements is key to operational performance. Cogent has the expertise to define, specify, design, and procure all the necessary equipment and infrastructure to deliver emergency power systems to deal with abnormal events.

  • Emergency generators
  • Automatic transfer systems
  • Load balancing

Power Monitoring

Track energy consumption in real time. Implement profitable reduction strategies that:

  • Benefit from a comprehensive power management and quality monitoring solution
  • Integrate corporate energy management (CEM) ready systems
  • Track and benchmark energy consumption against production rates
  • Build energy reduction strategies and reduce operating costs

Power Studies

Build essential safety by limiting the incident energy of a potential arc flash

  • Safe power systems need to be properly coordinated with upstream and downstream systems
  • We use the latest software analysis tools to develop a complete single line diagram of the electrical system
  • When determining required clothing and PPE requirements, Cogent considers all recommended coordination values for breaker settings and the record of incident energy available at electrical power components

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