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Lead with Operational Intelligence

You can’t afford to operate with an electrical power system that is anything less than safe, dependable, and efficient. Cogent has the expertise in plant-wide electrical systems design, power monitoring, and efficiency management solutions to achieve your goals.

Process Historians

Extract critical meaning from the volumes of data produced within your operation.

  • We use proven methods to collect and cleanse data and provide a reliable data integration solution
  • We have experience with all the major historian software companies
  • Access meaningful information with full integration of process data from disparate real-time sources into process historians
  • Better visualize and analyze captured data to drive performance insights

Operational Insight

Cogent offers complete operational insight solutions that integrate real-time performance dashboards with business intelligence and knowledge management technologies. Our solutions are designed to give plant personnel the tools they need to drive collaborative operational improvements.

  • Integrated operational dashboards
  • Root cause data analytics
  • Workgroup knowledge management
  • Improving OEE and operational cost metrics

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is now driving more and more decision support in pacesetter companies.  Leveraging all the operational data collected can now lead to greater operational performance by implementing ML.  Our bottom-up approach to ML solutions, integrates operational data with the right tools to analyze data, determine patterns, and implement online ML engines to improve performance.