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Lead with Process Control and Automation

Fully integrated control strategies and optimized systems are key to maximizing plant performance.

By leveraging Cogent’s industry experience in design and deployment of uniform control system methodologies, our clients gain a greater competitive advantage.

Control System Design

Cogent leverages best-in-class industry standards to build integrated solutions that put you in control

  • Build your optimal plant-wide automation and control systems
  • Ensure high reliability and maintainability with minimal spare parts inventory
  • Improve quality control and better respond to changing input variables

PLC System Configuration & Optimization

Our highly skilled team offers flexible solutions and experience with a wide range of major PLC and drive vendors

  • We have the technical services expertise you need to develop reliable hardware designs and to program, commission, and optimize your control system equipment that meets the needs of your processes and business
  • We work with existing customer standards or provides its field-tested reusable templates to program systems that are easy to maintain and troubleshoot

HMI & SCADA Systems

Cogent operator command systems make it easy for operators to understand and control all processes effectively

  • Gain best-in-class human-machine interface design
  • Leverage our vast experience in human factors engineering
  • Provide operators relevant information to efficiently overcome any interruption

Simulated Logic Testing

Cogent’s hands-on testing will help detect configuration and software errors before any equipment is installed, optimizing on-site commissioning time

  • Demonstrate factory acceptance on Cogent-developed or OEM-developed PLC and HMI configurations/programming
  • Provide the OEM, operators, and maintenance personnel with the opportunity to review and test elements and address defects prior to site commissioning

Change Control & Recovery

Cogent’s expert change control service minimizes disruptions and improves safety

  • Introduce system changes in a controlled and coordinated manner.
  • Ensure logic changes can be logged and communicated effectively.
  • Reduce the possibility of introducing faults into the system or unintentionally undoing other changes.

Device Integration & Network Communications

Maximize the value of data by achieving full connectivity with Cogent

  • Enable device connectivity to all the diverse communication protocols on the plant floor.
  • Cogent has extensive expertise in industrial IT/OT systems.
  • Cogent provides connections to a broad range of systems within the operation and IIOT solutions, including PLCs, BMS, RTUs, DCSs, intelligent devices, and controllers.
  • Cogent knows how to connect with most industrial networks/buses, including Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, and BACNet.

Monitoring Systems

Provide personnel with quick access to information through a “single pane of glass,” allowing them to gain valuable insight into operational conditions and important issues

  • Our tailored large-scale infrastructure monitoring systems centralize visibility of OT systems and improve response times to abnormal events.
  • Gain data-driven decision support that allows efficient dispatching of resources to problem areas – down to the equipment level.
  • Enable the generation of timely work orders, providing maintenance and reliability engineers with the information they need for planning maintenance activities.

Alarm Management

Ensure abnormal situations are handled quickly and correctly with comprehensive alarm/event management

  • Leverage Cogent’s in-depth experience with process equipment and our relationships with equipment suppliers.
  • Properly prioritize and reduce nuisance alarming.
  • Build comprehensive alarm/event management strategies.
  • Ensure that only actionable alarms/events are delivered to operators to improve results.

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