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Lead with Operator Effectiveness

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Operator effectiveness is often an overlooked area that can improve the performance and safety of your control system or plant. Operator effectiveness is achieved when you address abnormal situations, human error, situation awareness, and human factors in the control room.

High Performance HMI

Cogent leverages that latest best practices in human factors engineering and high performance HMI desigins to ensure operators have a high level of situation awarness to react to abnormal situations safely and effectively.

Training Simulator

Cogent develops training programs for operators and supervisory staff to gain the practical knowledge that will enable them to operate and maintain their plants effectively. Our training includes a hands-on element that presents operators with the opportunity to use the same versions of the operator interface applications and control system as those implemented in the real facility, but on a virtual simulated plant, allowing them to practice normal and abnormal situations in a risk-free environment before attempting to run a live plant.

Alarm Management

A comprehensive alarm rationalization program will ensure that only actionable alarms and events are delivered to operators to improve results.

  • Ensure abnormal situations are handled quickly and correctly with comprehensive alarm and event management
  • Properly prioritize and reduce nuisance alarming
  • Build comprehensive alarm and event management strategies

Control Room Design

Effectively operating your plant starts with the control room design. Ensuring that operators can easily and intuitively navigate, visualize, understand, and control the processes is critical to the successful and safe operation of your plant. Our experience in human factors engineering delivers the control room designs that are optimal to your plant operator needs.

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