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Technology Providers

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At Cogent, we place the highest priority on understanding our clients and their needs.

Cogent believes that collaborating with top technology leaders has furthered our mission of providing our clients with customized solutions and delivering exceptional value. We have built strong offerings with the following companies in order to create scalable, best-of-breed solutions for our clients.

Our Technology Partners


Microsoft drives the initiative to create a unified, holistic view of the entire manufacturing process to improve operational performance. Microsoft empowers its partners to develop creative solutions by providing them access to their platform capabilities, innovative technologies, and enterprise products.

Cogent recognizes Microsoft as a leading supplier of technology. In working closely with Microsoft and fully understanding its platform capabilities, Cogent is able to develop solutions that will enhance our clients’ operations.


OSIsoft delivers the industry standard in enterprise historians in the form of its PI System. This system empowers users to analyze, contextualize, and visualize real-time conditions to maximize plant productivity and efficiency.

As a system integrator for OSIsoft, Cogent is highly experienced in integrating PI System products in customer-specific projects. By combining OSIsoft’s specialized product offerings with Cogent’s project management, consulting, and engineering expertise, Cogent is able to create a complete end-to-end solution for our clients.


Siemens provides a comprehensive product line that includes drive technology, electrical, automation, and safety systems as well as industrial IT.

As a Siemens system integrator, Cogent has the ability to leverage Siemens’ vast resources and many product offerings. Cogent is highly proficient in Siemens’ motion control and automation products and is experienced in the application of this expertise to unique client situations.


Wonderware provides innovative software in the areas of Production and Performance Management, Geographical SCADA, and Supervisory HMI. The company offers information and analysis tools that organize and deliver plant intelligence to all end users allowing for better-informed decision making.

As a Wonderware system integrator, Cogent is able to architect specific solutions with Wonderware software to help clients become more efficient, responsive, and adaptive in their market.


VMware is a trusted industry leader in the virtualization and automation of computer, networking, and storage resources. VMware enables its partners to deliver powerful virtualization and cloud computing solutions that tie IT systems and end-user environments to physical hardware.

As a professional solutions provider, Cogent offers expertise in designing, planning, and deploying tailored VMware virtualization solutions – from the desktop to the datacenter to the cloud.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is a supplier of power, control, and automation products and services. Their products are used to automate and optimize from the plant floor to business systems.

Cogent is a Rockwell Automation system integrator. Utilizing the best in automation architecture, Cogent is able to design, integrate, and implement customized solutions that will automate plant production and create efficiencies in manufacturing environments.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric provides a wide variety of focused solutions to performance problems for any type of electrical equipment.

As a Schneider Electric system integrator, Cogent is able to implement agile electrical energy solutions that deliver reliable power performance while reducing capital and operating costs.

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