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Cogent Deploys Integrated Real-Time System for Municipal Water Treatment Plant

Cogent Deploys Integrated Real-Time System for Municipal Water Treatment Plant

Cogent improves operational efficiency at City of Winnipeg’s $300 million water treatment plant

Cogent has developed and deployed a fully integrated real-time system for the City of Winnipeg’s $300 million Water Treatment Facility. The facility only requires two certified operators per shift 24 hours a day to monitor a wide variety of instruments, mechanical equipment and electrical equipment including 140 pumps, and 2300 valves.

In collaboration with the City of Winnipeg, Cogent successfully developed a reliable tightly integrated plant supervisory control and data acquisition system to improve operational efficiency within the new facility. Now completed, plant personnel are able to quickly access real time information and make intelligent well-informed decisions. Mundane tasks traditionally performed by plant personnel are now completely integrated into the new system, improving plant safety and leaving personnel to work on higher-value activities.

In addition, management now has access to operational performance reports providing valuable information for both tactical and strategic decision making.

About the City of Winnipeg Water Treatment Facility

With a capacity of 400 million liters per day and situated on a 12,000 square meter plot the size of the MTS Centre, the Winnipeg Water Treatment Facility services more than 600,000 people in the city of Winnipeg.

About Cogent Industrial Technologies

From greenfield to modernization projects, industrial operations across the globe leverage our technical expertise and project management services to achieve a safe, reliable and efficient operation. Cogent’s technical services include plant-wide Electrical, Controls & Automation, IT, Information and Data Management Systems. Cogent is active in the following industries: engineered wood, pellet/biomass, bulk material handling, facilities, and utilities.

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