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Cogent has knowledge and experience working with the engineered wood industry to ensure all processes are engineered to meet exacting requirements – the first time.

Cogent’s process engineers work collaboratively to develop solutions that meet your performance objectives, from defining the process flows and mass/energy balances to the correct instrumentation and balance of plant specifications.

They work with you on continuous improvement projects to address bottlenecks, process variability, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to improve operational performance.

Process Design

Design a safe, reliable, and efficient operation up front

  • Cogent provides a holistic approach to the complete process design that leverages the latest automation technology.
  • Cogent can address any process challenge, from wood-based panel board to industrial pellet plants.
  • Cogent is committed to working with you throughout the project life cycle, from initial definition to design (e.g., process flow diagrams to mass balance) through build and commissioning.

Processing Technologies

Put the right technology in place from the start

  • From wood handling to the final product, Cogent offers technical expertise in the selection and integration of process technologies as part of your modernization, expansion, or greenfield project.
  • Cogent always works in the best interest of our clients to ensure that equipment sizing, specifications, and standards meet all requirements and that the process is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Balance of Plant (BOP)

Address any gaps in the supply chain the first time

  • BOP systems are essential to your plant, providing the core infrastructure to supply WAGES (Water, Compressed Air, Gas, Electricity, and Steam) and building make-up air to the entire operation.
  • Cogent’s process engineering experts help you identify ancillary systems to improve this critical process.
  • Cogent helps you address any gaps in the supply chain to optimize equipment performance during the design phase of a project.

Process Improvement

Achieve improved reliability and increased production

  • In collaboration with your experts, Cogent engineers work on various process improvement initiatives that reduce process variability and material consumption.
  • Cogent maps out master plans to execute identified process improvement projects that work with capital planning cycles, production schedules, and planned downtime and outages.

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