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Efficiently respond to prioritized operational issues

Cogent delivers tailored information and monitoring systems that provide the information you need, when you need it. We effectively integrate diverse sets of technology systems to achieve a higher level of operational efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

Look to the cloud to lower on-premise costs

  • Cogent helps your industrial plant leverage the huge resources available in the cloud today.
  • Avoid the risks associated with the high upfront costs of on-premise solutions.
  • From infrastructures and platforms to software as a service, Cogent deploys solutions quickly to address your operational needs.

DevOps Services

Get faster “time to value” for your IS investment

  • Cogent’s IS services combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops).
  • This approach allows Cogent to deliver solutions with shortened development cycles compared to classical development approaches.

Database Development

Gain the necessary know-how

  • Cogent is an expert in proper database design and integration.
  • Cogent understands how gaining integrated access to aggregated data can improve your plant production systems in real time.
  • Employ the Cogent team to ensure that your plant can collect, access, aggregate, and analyze data quickly and efficiently within the right context.

Custom Software Applications

Ensure project success with full development expertise

  • Cogent is adept at developing both desktop and web applications and application-to-application integration.
  • Cogent leverages current technologies and standards-based practices in development, test, and production procedures to ensure project success.

Application-to-Application Integration

Open new opportunities to drive operational performance

  • Cogent is a leader in building integration between applications.
  • Connecting real-time data with ERP components allows you to extract more benefits from your IT asset investment and improve performance.
  • Cogent uses industry best-in-class practices and tools for services and solutions such as Web Services, APIs, and databases.

Process Historians

Extract critical meaning from the volumes of data produced within your operation

  • Cogent uses proven methods to collect and cleanse data and provide a reliable data integration solution.
  • Cogent has experience with all the major historian software companies.
  • Access meaningful information with full integration of process data from disparate real-time sources into process historians.
  • Better visualize and analyze captured data to drive performance insights.

Business Intelligence

Drive your competitive advantage with better intelligence

  • Cogent has the right toolkit to implement business intelligence platforms.
  • Gain insight into data and improve operational performance.

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