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Industrial IT infrastructure and the information it provides is the backbone of modern operations. Cogent works with you to design and implement IT infrastructures that are tailored to your needs and deliver a higher level or reliability, performance, management, seamless integration, and security.

Plant-wide Network Design

Build a resilient system with high availability

  • Cogent provides expertise associated with all aspects of network design, from architecture and specifications to configuration and commissioning support.
  • Cogent works to enhance your network with long-term scalability, redundancy, real-time monitoring, and security.

Industrial Control System Cyber Security

Minimize hazards without compromising performance

  • Cogent provides network and cyber/malware security protection expertise for industrial operations and facilities worldwide.
  • Cogent helps you implement all aspects of Defense-in-Depth network architecture, from DMZ and firewalls through all OT systems (PC/Servers and control layer).

IP Camera Systems

Keep your eye on events as they occur

  • As part of the overall network infrastructure, Cogent provides IT services to design IP camera systems for both process and security systems.
  • Meet the performance requirements of today’s video systems without impacting or interfering with process control networks.
  • Record live video of process events as an essential part of good operational situational awareness, along with an HMI/SCADA system.

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